Art and technology are my passion.

Ryan Taylor: Designer, video artist and computer tech.  Professional freelance services.

Creativity and efficiency are the focus of my life and professional career.  With a lifetime of training in computer software and hardware technologies, my love for tech keeps growing and continues to fuel my career with increasing velocity.  While living in Los Angeles, I worked and studied the craft and business of the video production and advertising industries while applying my tech-savvy skills wherever needed.

The springboard of my professional career in media production was the Roaring Glory Warbirds DVD series.  The ten DVDs took two years to create, with unique challenges ranging from video color-correction and DVD authoring to print marketing and motion graphic design.  The final product was well worth the effort.  My work on the Roaring Glory collections have continued, more recently, with the digital remastering of the Roaring Glory Combat Mission series, creating a product that I'm very proud of.

In recent years, my focus has culminated in computer application technologies, integrating creative design, multimedia, web development and communications systems security.  With a diverse and expanding skill-set, I am now serving a global clientele.

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