Guides to help you with your computer stuff.

  • Full Disk Encryption for Ubuntu and Fedora[February 20, 2012]

    The most fundamental practice of powerful data encryption happens at the operating system level and guarantees data security in the event of computer or hard drive theft. This guide aims to help everyone acheive full disk encryption on their home and business computers with ease and grace. In 2012 EFF proposed a New Years Resolution to commit to full disk encryption on each of your computers.  I'm here to help you acheive that goal.

  • Encrypted Instant Messaging[November 13, 2011]

    Strong encryption with IM is readily available and easy to use. Follow this guide to ensure that your Internet communications are private and secure.

  • Cleaning Windows 7[July 10, 2011]

    Many problems that are treated by computer techs and retailers can be resolved or avoided by regularly running through this basic maintenance procedure.